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Event Date

ETH Portland is a gathering of ETH folks from the Northwest. The goal is to bring together the local community & have fun.

April 7th-9th, 2022

Event Location

3000 Columbia House Blvd #107


Michael Mosier

John Naulty

Michael Feng

Chris McCann

    Liz Daldalian

Shayan Eskandari

Amber Case

Former Acting Directorat FINCEN; General Counsel at a Stealth Crypto Project

Senior Security Engineer at Coinbase

CEO & Founder of Hummingbot

CTO at Ether Capital; Former Smart Contract Auditor at ConsenSys Diligence

General CounselAave

Sr. Program Manager at ConsenSys Diligence

Partner atRace Capital

Advisorat Puma Browser

Karl Moll

Zach Herring

Pryce Yebesi

Ayoung Jeon

Adrian Li

Speaker TBD

Clayton Menzel

Speaker TBD

Kevin Owocki

Co-Founder ofGitcoin

Ecosystem Integration & Documentation Lead at Thesis

Someone fromthe Mask Network Team

Someone fromthe UMA Team

Advisor at Kernal & Tacheyon. Former Design Director at ConsenSys.

Co-Founder of DFX Finance; Formerly at ConsenSys 

Head of Protocols & Opportunities at Figment

Developer Relations at Skynet Labs

Co-Founder at Utopia Labs

Edson Alcal√°

Adam Levy

Carolyn Reckhow

And More!

Founder of DeFi Academy; Formerly at ConsenSys

Co-Founderof Mint

Director of Strategyat Thesis

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